55 Junction St Nowra NSW

(02) 4423 3433 or 0428 752 099


Delicious Food is served at this place.  


Dearest Brasserians,

We are nearing the end of 2014.  So many laughs and a few tears.  Thank you for sharing 20 months with us!   The time that we have spent with you was fantastic.  We met so many great people that have become family. We have decided to relax and absorb the beauty of the Shoalhaven, especially in the summer months.  We thank all of you have supported, suggested and cajoled us to open again.  The support and love in the last 4 months has been unprecedented and if not for the warmth and support of the local community, making it through would have been a harrowing task. 

We thank you and wish you peace, love, joy and prosperity in the new year.  This will be our last transmission.

RIP Ablaze Brasserie  12/12/12-01/09/2014

Thank you again,

Tim, Lili, Solomon and Zachary. xoxo

The last night, still smiling.  x

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